Yoga Leggings vs. Running Leggings: What’s the Difference?

Shopping for the right sportswear can be heaven or hell. When you know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s nothing short of a pleasure. However, if you’re feeling a tad muddled or confused, finding the ideal gear for your workout can feel entirely daunting.

When it comes to leggings, there’s one major conundrum. Do you need yoga leggings or running leggings? And, crucially, what on earth is the difference? That’s a good question.

Worry not, as we have all the answers you’ve been craving. In this short and snappy guide, we will reveal all you need to know and even give you our best product picks too.

Yoga Legging


Before you hit your next yoga class, getting the right yoga pants for the job is essential. This type of sports gear has a specific style that supports your body and offers comfort while you’re doing your asanas.

Finding the best yoga leggings for your needs doesn’t have to be difficult. You should simply ensure you know what you’re looking for first.

What to look for in yoga leggings

Don’t be baffled by the array of choices. From hot yoga leggings to yoga leggings with pockets, there’s a wide selection of options. Ahead of diving in and buying a pair, you need to understand what to look for.

Regardless of the style you buy, the best yoga leggings all have a handful of core features in common. Here’s a breakdown of must-have styles.

High Waist

“How do I keep my leggings from falling down?” It’s a question that we’ve all asked ourselves at times. Moving from pose-to-pose takes flexibility and practice. However, if your yoga leggings are constantly sliding down, it’s a sure-fire way to ruin your flow.

For that reason, high waisted yoga leggings tend to be a vastly popular choice. The beauty of these leggings is that they cover your lower abdomen and don’t slip down when you move.

What’s more, this type of sportswear can work for any occasion too. If you’re looking for some yoga leggings for work, you may find that these fit the bill. Perfect.

Yoga Leggings

Breathable fabric

Let’s not beat around the bush, yoga can be hot work. Ensuring that your yoga leggings feature breathable fabric is an absolute must. When you’re in the midst of a session, the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable or sweaty.

Choosing a light and perhaps even moisture-wicking style of material will mean that this is never a problem.

Soft, comfortable fabric

Comfort is king! When you’re practicing yoga, you need to feel comfortable and supported at all times. Investing in the best yoga leggings with high-quality fabric is the way to go.

Often enough that means choosing a blend of materials. Of course, some brands have their own style of ultra-cosy material. For instance, Alo Yoga boasts Alosoft fabric and Beyond Yoga has their famous Spacedye fabric.

Squat proof fabric

Flexibility is a big part of practicing yoga. That means that your yoga leggings need to be entirely squat proof. You’re going to need to bend, flex and move around freely.

Before you buy a pair of leggings, make sure that you read the description. Some of the best yoga leggings have unique four-way stretch material which is a huge bonus.

Can you run in yoga leggings?

If you’ve already got a trusty pair of yoga leggings, you may be wondering if they can do double-duty. The age-old question comes up time and time again: Can you run in yoga leggings? The answer is that it depends on the fabric and design.

If your yoga leggings are compressive and has moisture-wicking properties, such as Alo Yoga Airlift Legging or the Girlfriend Collective Compressive High Rise Leggings, you can run in them comfortably.

Please note that the leggings need to be tight enough to stay up when you’re running.


Now that you understand what you should be looking for in the best yoga leggings, let’s take a look at some options. If you’re hunting for some divine inspiration, you’ve got it. Here are three of the snazziest and most durable yoga leggings you can get right now.

Alo Yoga High Waisted Lounge Leggings

If you’re looking for comfort and style in one neat package, you can’t go wrong with the Alo Yoga High Waisted Lounge Leggings. Featuring a flexible ribbed waistband, moisture wicking technology, and four-way stretch, there’s oh-so-much to love about these.

Aside from offering comfort and support when you’re in class, the Alo Yoga line of leggings are ideal for everyday wear. The velvety, signature performance Alosoft fabric means that you will always be comfortable, no matter what you’re doing.

You can grab these in five eye-catching colours to suit your personal sense of style.