Meet Yogi Bare. The eco-sensitive yoga mat brand with a big focus on function, style and inclusivity. With ultra-grip tech that gets stronger the more you sweat, yogi bare mats respond to the way you practice. So much so, you won't be able to keep your paws off them.


About Yogi Bare:

Yogi Bare believe yoga should be for everyone. It's what drove the brand to create it's range of affordable and inclusive Yogi Bare mats in the first place. Crafted from eco-conscious materials, a Yogi Bare mat keeps your feet and fingers firmly on the ground during difficult posing, with impressive grips that feel stable and secure. Oh and did we mention the designs? Patterns, collaborations and a paw print logo combine to create a range of mats that are setting the yogi world alight with anticipation.

A little history:

Founded by Kat Pither, the idea for Yogi Bare grew when Kat walked out of a yoga workshop feeling like she didn't belong. The kit was too expensive, the mats slippery. Spotting a gap in the market for quality, affordable yoga mats, Kat launched soon after with four initial designs. From there, the brand has grown into a notable eco-conscious powerhouse, with inspiring collaborations seeing the brand bring fashion onto the floor of yoga studios in Ibiza and beyond.

Why we love it:

Yogi Bare has heart, passion and purpose. Its refreshing take on colour and pattern is sure to liven up any yoga session, while its commitment to providing professional-class products at affordable prices is a real game-changer. If you tend to perspire a lot during a yoga class, pick up a Yogi Bare mat - you won't regret it.