GOODR Running Sunglasses - The Full Review


Finding the perfect pair of running sunglasses for women might initially sound easy, but selecting active sunglasses can be more challenging than you expect as you search for sunglasses that stay in place, are lightweight, protect your eyes from the sun, all whilst looking stylish.

And that’s why Goodr sunglasses were created — to help you pick out frames that actually look good, minus the fuss. Forget accepting low-quality, often ugly running sunglasses. This team is here to change the active sunglasses landscape.

But are these sunnies right for you? And what’s this brand all about? We’re placing the spotlight on Goodr Sunglasses to help you stay up to date with this cutting-edge collection.

Ready to go? Keep reading to get all the details about the brand and extra tips for buying running sunglasses.


GOODR - About The Brand

Before we jump into the brand’s collection and tips for buying running sunglasses for women, we’ll quickly catch you up on who Goodr Sunglasses are, why they were created and their brand ethos.

Created by Stephen Lease, Goodr is all about revolutionising running sunglasses. The usual high-performance sports glasses often break the budget, and lower-end options just don’t fit the bill. Stephen, a self-described avid runner, decided these two options weren’t good enough — thus, Goodr was born.

The crux of this brand is delivering functional shades with stylish and fun colours, but not the grand price tag. This started as a small project between friends, and today the brand has grown to offer their polarised running sunglasses in over 20 countries, and you can find these accessories in more than 2,500 stores. Runner-approved specs for everyone!

What are goodr sunglasses

What Are Goodr Sunglasses?

So, what are Goodr Sunglasses?

These polarised sunglasses aren’t just for runners. Goodr sunnies are available in five unique styles, ensuring all sports people have glasses that boost their confidence and keep them comfortable. Glasses are available for RUN, BEAST, GOLF, GAME, and BIKE.

Goodr offer a range of frames, allowing you to find a shape that suits your style. Or, with this price tag, you can have multiple styles and mix them up depending on the day!

Frame styles include:

  • OGs - The Signature Line
  • Runways - High-Fashion Cat Eye Shape
  • BFGs - Wider Frame, Longer Arms, Bigger Lenses
  • LFG's - Smaller Is Baller
  • Mach Gs - Aviator Style
  • Wrap G's - For Extreme Sports
  • VRGs - The Newest Shape, Ready To Party
  • PHGs - For The Scholar On a Budget
  • Circle Gs - All About Looking Good

Never get stuck looking at one silhouette of running sunglasses for women again.

Why Goodr Sunglasses Are The Best For Running

Goodr provides more than just stylish shapes! All of their running sunglasses designed to be no slip, no bounce and all polarised.

No Slip

Ever noticed your running sunglasses slipping down your nose while running? This distracts you, resulting in an inconsistent pace and a disturbed run. Plus, it leaves your eyes exposed to sunlight, defeating the point of sunglasses in the first place!

Goodr’s glasses are all treated with a special grip coating and silicone nose insert to eliminate pesky slippage when sweating. The days of constantly pushing your sunglasses back into place when running are over!

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No Bounce

Bouncing sunglasses is another annoyance runners and sportspeople face while training in the sun. No one wants their glasses bobbing up and down while on the road — especially when you’re in the zone.

Goodr Sunglasses make bouncing a thing of the past. With a snug and lightweight fit, these sunglasses prevent bouncing while working out. No matter how hard you train, your running sunglasses stay in one place.

All Polarised

Style and comfort are key features of running sunglasses, but the main aim is to keep sunlight and UV rays away from your eyes while working out.

Goodr puts your vision first, thanks to glare-reducing polarised lenses with additional UV400 protection. No UVA or UVB rays around here, Goodr sunglasses block 100% of those harmful rays — just the best protection to keep you focused and safe.

The Best Goodr Sunglasses For Running

Ready to select running sunglasses? Here are our top Goodr picks!

OGs - The Signature Line

The OGs are Goodr’s signature sunglasses style. These glasses offer no slip or bounce performance with a completely polarised finish. From patterned frames to vivid hues, the OGs are available in every colour under the sun — these glasses are all about showcasing your style! RRP: £30

Wrap Gs - For Extreme Sports

Described as ‘Extremely extreme sunglasses for extremely extreme people,’ the Wrap Gs are made for biking, but they can be used for all spots. With an anti-fog, no slip, and no bounce formula, these shades will keep you safe while breaking records. RRP: £40

Circle Gs - All About Looking Good

Searching for active sunglasses that can double as a fashion accessory? The Circle Gs might be for you. This silhouette was designed to offer a comfortable fit while looking good simultaneously. Plus, they feature Goodr’s classic no slip, no bounce, all polarised formula. RRP: £30



What to Look For in Running Sunglasses

Are you searching for running sunglasses for women?

Don’t go all-in without knowing what you’re looking for. Here are some key areas to investigate on your running sunnies mission.

  • A Comfortable Fit. Ideally, you want your sunglasses to sit snugly against your face without feeling too tight or heavy. No loose lenses here!
  • UVA and UVB Protection. Running sunglasses are here to protect your eyes, so double-check they are certified to keep your eyes shielded from UV rays.
  • Polarised Tints. Polarised glasses don’t just look cool — they also provide extra vision clarity and less glare. Tint colours also matter! A darker shade is recommended for off-road trails as it makes the colours around you brighter.
  • Attractive Style. While style isn’t a functional element, it’s still important. If you don’t like your glasses, you’ll likely wear them less. If you want to reap the practical benefits of running sunglasses, pick a style that speaks to you.


What Are Goodr Glasses Made Of?

Running sunglasses come in all shapes and forms, but knowing what they're made of is just as important as their look. So, what goes into Goodr Sunglasses?

Goodr sunglass frames are made from plastic and soft touch coating. The lenses are created from TAC lenses, which are polarised, offer UV 400 protection, and they’re scratch resistant. The brand’s Blur Mirage glasses use PC (polycarbonate) lenses.

The Takeaway

Goodr is here to make take the hassle out of running outdoors whilst looking ten times more stylish with their modern running sunglasses. Why settle for less when the new age of sports accessories is here? Get to know their collection better with our selection of Goodr running sunglasses for women here.