What Exactly is Dog Yoga? We Find Out!

dog yoga

Here at TSE, we are all about those ‘pawsative’ experiences…

A concept that developed from goat yoga in the USA, we now have dog yoga (a.k.a doga) right here in London.

So if you are in need of some serious puppy therapy, why not book yourself into one of London's top Yoga puppy classes… that’s if you can get your hands on a ticket!

One London studio that is proving particularly popular is Yoga Paws. From Frenchies to Labradors, Cockapoos to Huskies, this puppy yoga studio is one to check out! So that’s exactly what we did...

dog yoga

The Puppies

Cute, cheeky, cuddly - these 8-16 week old puppies love getting to interact with people and learning to socialise, in a stress-free environment. The studio works with different breeders who bring in a litter of their puppies, in order for them to learn to socialise in a peaceful and safe environment. This is beneficial for the puppies and their mother, as not only does it help them in the weaning process but it also encourages independence among the puppies.

The home of the puppies is also very important to the team at Yoga Paws. They carry out thorough checks, including home visits to the breeder, to ensure the puppies are from a trusted and caring home. Yoga Paws ensures all puppies are happy and healthy, vaccinated and vet checked. The owner is also present during the classes, and will ensure that if the puppies want, they can sleep, eat and relax whenever they need.

As much as this class will leave you tempted to buy a dog, these puppies are not for sale or promoted throughout the class, and this boundary is made clear from the off set.

dog yoga

The Tickets

The class sizes range from 15-25 people, to ensure a good puppy-to-people ratio. Tickets are £35 and sell out pretty fast, so be sure to snap some up before they are all gone. The London location is top secret until 3 days before the event, which further adds to the excitement. Whether it turns out you have a long journey to arrive there or are just a few minutes away, it is TOTALLY worth it!

The Class

The class lasts around 1 hour, with some extra time pre and post class to further interact and play with the puppies. Is there such a thing as too much puppy time? I think not!

I am new to yoga and if I'm honest, I didn’t do much yoga whilst at Yoga Paws. I mostly found myself smothered with Labrador puppies. The yoga instructor was extremely understanding and very conscious that you can be easily distracted by the cuteness overload, therefore she made it easy to follow her practice whilst encouraging the attendees to play with the puppies. The team also encourages interaction with the puppies, and they even provide toys to help you keep the puppies engaged.

dog yoga

The Feeling

As well as this class being extremely cute and cuddly, it can really benefit the attendees. As stated on Yoga Paws website; “studies have shown that the act of petting animals can lower blood pressure and reduce overall stress. The puppies help to calm individuals and create a more relaxed and ‘pawsative’ environment, which is why they are often used within therapy, universities and now yoga classes.”

I can certainly agree as this class left me feeling truly peaceful and re-energised, oh, and keen to buy a puppy!

The Goal

Yoga Paws strives to develop strong relationships with charities and rescue centres. They are currently smashing this goal by holding frequent fundraisers, to gain awareness and help support such organisations. How great is that?

dog yoga

Things to know

  • Tickets sell out crazy fast
  • You can take photos and videos
  • Prepare for cuteness overload with a 2:1 people to puppy ratio
  • You will leave wanting a puppy
  • And yes… men do go to the classes too!

Find one near you

Some of our favourites in London include:

The number of dog yoga classes is growing, with some featuring puppies while others allow you to bring your own dog. The hustle and bustle of living in London can often be hectic and a little overwhelming, so remember it is important to check in with yourself and find some peace of mind. What better way to reset and restore your tranquility than with puppy yoga!