Top 10 Gifts for Yoga Lovers

yoga Christmas Gifts

With the festive season just around the corner, you may be pondering what to get that special yogi in your life this year. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a stunning list of the very best things you can get for someone who lives and breathes the practice.

Here are ten great yoga presents that will make them smile when they rip off the wrapping paper.

Yoga sweatshirts and hoodies

1. Cosy jumper for savasana

The relaxing savasana pose, at the end of a yoga session, is a skill unto itself. This final asana is a chance for yogis to unwind, relax, and let go of their everyday stress. Gifting that special someone in your life a cosy jumper for this practice is a thoughtful idea.

For the female yogi in your life, you might want to consider a luxurious Beyond Yoga Cropped Pullover. The plush cropped sweater has a cashmere-like fuzzy feel and modern boxy fit to give extra mobility and movement. Male yogis, on the other hand, may appreciate an Alo Yoga hoodie with a four-way stretch construction and a functional kangaroo pocket to boot.

yoga leggings gift guide

2. Stretchy pants or bottoms

Moving from pose to pose requires a high level of skill a discipline. It’s hardly an easy feat. To get this aspect of the session right, a true yogi needs some reliable pants.

A pair of stretchy yet comfortable Alo Yoga leggings could be the answer when you’re picking a gift for a female yoga lover. Boasting warmth for those chilly winter months, durability, and flexibility, you can hardly go wrong here. Men also need a versatile pair of pants when in flow so why not treat them to some Ohmme yoga pants? The strong material paired with the sweat-proof design is a winning style.

slogan jumpers

3. Slogan tops

When yogis are relaxing in their downtime, they need some chic chillout clothes that make a real impression. Spiritual Gangster has a range of designs and slogan tops that could well fit the bill. From simple typographic designs to inspirational quotes, you’re certain to find a unique style that will suit your loved one or friend. Take the time to look through the various designs until you find one that’s the perfect fit.

Reusable S'well bottles for Christmas gifts

4. S'well bottle

Good hydration should be at the heart of any physical practice. Choosing a reusable bottle for that special someone lets them know that you value their health and wellbeing. Don’t just pick any old water bottle – opt for one with a contemporary design, such as the S’well bottle. The brand offers both 500ml or traveller size products, each of which is ideal for either the gym or practising at home. Choose a style your friends or loved one will adore.

yoga mat christmas guide

5. Yoga mat

Of course, the sign of a true yogi is that they have all the professional equipment for classes and practicing yoga at home. One of the most essential and important pieces of gear has to be a high-quality yoga mat. Providing comfort, support, and stability, you can’t go wrong with Yogi Bare Paws Natural Rubber Yoga Mat. This trusted brand is eco-sensitive and ultra-grippy, meaning that the yoga lover in your life can use it with the highest level of confidence.  

yoga carrier pic

6. Yoga mat carrier

Should your friend or loved one already have a high-end yoga mat, you might want to gift them another functional piece of gear. A yoga mat carrier does just what it says on the tin – helps any yoga lover move their mat from place to place. Be sure to choose the right product for your friend or loved one. For instance, the Manduka Commuter Yoga Mat Carrier is a versatile and lightweight option. Just what any yogi needs.  

Best eco yoga mat spray

7. Yoga mat spray

Now, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details. After a yoga practice, it’s vital that you wash down your mat and keep it as clean as possible. Perhaps one of the most functional gifts you can give is some Yoga Mat Wash. Smelling fresh and beautiful, this is a present you can be certain that your friend or loved one will use time and time again.

yoga grippy socks Christmas gift

8. Grippy socks

Grip is everything when it comes to a professional yoga practice. Why not give that special someone something to help them along the way? The Happy Grip Sock from Pointe Studio is a great style to consider. Offering PVC grip points on the bottom of the socks along with comfortable and cosy cotton, decent grippy socks are an absolute must-have in the studio. What’s more, they come in a variety of fresh, cool colours and prints.

9. Yoga blocks

When people first start out practising yoga asanas, they might need a little extra help along the way. Blocks allow yogis to maintain tricky poses and positions while giving them an extra level of support too. Getting a foam block or a bamboo block from Yogi Bare for your friend or loved one could truly help them take their game to a new height. The EVA foam material gives both grip and support in one neat little package.

Yoga straps

10. Yoga straps

As a yogi moves through the various practices, they may come across ever more challenging poses and positions. Luckily, there are pieces of gear that can help them to reach their goals in no time at all. The Manduka yoga strap is a safe bet when looking for a secure and trustworthy product. Modelled after the popular B.K.S. Iyengar design, the strap is easy to use but offers yogis a high level of security and comfort. Your friend or loved one is sure to appreciate this thoughtful and functional gift.

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