I tried Hotpod Yoga for a week. Here’s what I learned

Hey there, my name is Michelle and I’m an avid runner. I usually run three times a week, ranging from 5km to 22km per session. For me, running creates a very cathartic headspace; testing my perceived limits, training for a consistent pace, and constantly trying to improve on whatever I’ve done the week before.

In addition to the physical benefits I’ve found through running, I have also noticed that it helps to balance my emotional and psychological equilibrium.

It’s no secret exercise increases serotonin – a chemical and neurotransmitter which contributes to the feeling of happiness and well-being. Basically, running’s my jam. It’s my outlet, my happy place.

This year has kind of been one injury after another, and at times it’s been pretty disappointing. Bouncing from a splash of anaemia (perhaps not strictly an injury), to stubborn plantar fasciitis, and recently a strained hip flexor, I haven’t been able to enjoy the sport that is usually a pillar of my week (and sanity).