Guide to Sorel Boots

Words by Talia Hopkinson

Sorel is the footwear brand that makes shoes that are built to last. Established in 1962, Sorel is consistently the front-runner when it comes to women’s boots and once you bag yourself a pair, you’ll know that the popularity is well deserved.

Sorel Boots

Nowadays, the famous footwear line has broadened its horizons to feature slippers, sneakers, sneaker boots, and even their famous clogs. However, their Sorel boots for women are where they really thrive.

In this insider guide, we’re breaking down just what goes into this perfected boot brand, how to pick the right boot for you and the must-have styles that sell out time and time again.

Introducing Sorel Boots

Decades ago, the iconic Sorel boot was born.

The popularity of the Sorel women’s winter boots dominated the industry leading to an influx in designs to make sure every woman could have her very own pair.