10 Stylish Skorts and Tennis Skirts

Words by Talia Hopkinson.

Tennis skirts burst onto the fashion scene in the 70s and experienced their resurgence in 2017. Since then, they have only increased in popularity. No longer just a staple on the court, now, tennis skirts and their sister, the tennis skort, are essential in every summer wardrobe.

Here at The Sports Edit, we understand the hype. The comfortability that tennis skirts and skorts provide with the breathable material of a classic tennis skirt is a match made in heaven.

From sustainable skorts, running skorts and plus-size tennis skirts, we have gathered them all.

Here is our take on the best sports skorts and tennis skirts that you should add to your athleisure wear this year.

Tennis Skirts

What are Skorts and Tennis Skirts?

The difference between tennis skirts and skorts is simple.

A skort is a skirt with shorts underneath. Skorts were originally designed for women to wear whilst playing sports for optimal mobility during warmer weather but later became a rising fashion trend outside of sport. The skorts also provide an extra level of modesty, where athletes could feel free to move around the court without a moment of self-consciousness.

The main identifier is that skorts usually come with pockets that were designed for tennis balls but are now used for items such as keys and mobile phones. Whereas tennis skirts adapt a more traditional type of skirt and do not always come with shorts underneath.