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    About Andi:

    ANDI, named after its founder, Andrea Weinberg, is a bag brand that really breaks the mould. Lightweight, unisex, packable and ready for any weather, ANDI bags are the ultimate go-anywhere accessory. It took 60 iterations to come up with the brand’s inaugural design - and even that’s been improved upon since its inception. Designed to take you from studio to work and onto a weekend away, Andi’s New York backpack can fit a laptop, sports shoes, clothes and even a book in, without compromising on style.

    A little history:

    Andrea Weinberg came up with the idea for ANDI in 2010, whilst studying for her degree in New York City. At the time, her busy schedule saw her running between her full time job, to college and back, all whilst travelling and keeping up with a busy social life. She spotted a gap in the market for a bag that could support her through her busy day. And so, ANDI was born. She'd been inspired by her studies of human-focused design processes and spent the next five years working with a small factory in Brooklyn to bring her ideas to life. 60 iterations later, she’d developed a bag that was light, durable and fit for a weekend travelling, with straps for yoga mats and handles that could convert into a backpack with ease.

    Why we love it:

    Did you know that ANDI bags can fold down to just 5% of their size and be transformed into snap-out wristlet? That’s just one cool feature. Their non-slip backpack straps are another; try walking to yoga with a paper, coffee and phone in your hands and you'll see how handy they are. With unisex colourways and a focus on high-tech fabrics, ANDI sportswear meets the demands of even the most discerning athlete.