2XU Men's

Want to accelerate your performance? Discover 2XU. It's an innovative Australian clothing company striving to enhance performance, fast-track recovery and drive your results. Combining cutting-edge fabrics with intelligent design, research backs up 2XU's excellence. If it’s good enough for the US Navy SEALs, numerous Olympians and NBA teams, it’s good enough for us. New to compression wear? Make sure to check out our Compression Leggings 101-guide.

A bit of history:

Since launching in 2005, 2XU (pronounced "Two Times You") has become the elite compression brand for ambitious athletes. Founded by former professional athlete and fabric obsessive, Jamie Hunt, founder of Davenport Industries Clyde Davenport, and marketing specialist Aidan Clarke, 2XU hit the Australian clothing market in 2005. First hailed as a specialist triathlon and running brand, its new-gen fabrics now cater to all types of training, selected by the likes of the US Navy SEALs, Olympians, NBA and NFL teams worldwide. 

Why we love it:

2XU’s mission is ‘advancing human performance’, something that’s evident throughout the 2XU mens range. Their bestselling 2XU compression tights are ideal supporting you through strenuous runs, made from innovative fabrics that wick away sweat whilst remaining ultra lightweight. It’s all down to 2XU compression fabric, which has been thoughtfully engineered to offer both power and flexibility, along with highly-durable nylon and elastane yarns that spring back into shape once pulled off. And if proven performance that matters to you too, you’ll be pleased to know 2XU clothing is all rigorously tested and backed by research by the Australian Institute of Sport and RMIT University. Read our blog about the benefits of compression if you are still not quite convinced.