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B MAT 6mm Strong Deep Blue

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B MAT 6mm Strong Deep Blue

Yoga lovers, prepare for your hands and feet to never move! The game-changing supergrip of B Yoga's B MAT will hold your asanas in place, even in the sweatiest heated vinyasa class. Made of 100% ecofriendly rubber, the B MAT is non-toxic, lightweight, and cushioned. You'll feel secure and safe practicing inversions knowing this mat has got your back (and hands, feet, elbows, and knees). We also love using this mat for Pilates or for stretching it out after a run.
The 6mm B MAT provides a little extra layer of luxurious cushioning, so if you're looking to give your joints and knees some extra love, or if a thicker mat is your preference, this is the one for you!

6mm thick
71" L x 26" W
Weight: 2.2kg

100% ecofriendly rubber
Designed in Canada, made in Spain

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