New Brand Alert: Get to know Nimble Activewear

We caught up with Nimble co-founders Vera and Katia to get the lowdown on the cult Aussie brand as it launches at The Sports Edit, and to find out what it's really like going into business with your best friend...

What propelled you both to launch Nimble back in 2014?

The idea for the brand came from our own frustrations as consumers. When shopping for activewear, we found that the choices on the market fell between high end names that cost a small fortune, budget options that lacked the functionality needed to get through a sweaty workout and high-tech brands that lacked a feminine aesthetic.

There was a real gap in the market for sophisticated women’s activewear that was not only beautiful and on-trend but which also offered the technical performance qualities that you need while getting your sweat on. It was from this that the idea for Nimble Activewear grew as we set out to create the pieces that we, as consumers, were looking for.

Tell us what is it like working with your best friend?

It’s great! We are incredibly fortunate in that we get to go to work every day with our best friend! From a professional point of view, we both bring different skill sets and ways of thinking of the business. We find that our skills are really complementary and allow us to tackle different aspects of the business. We also think differently and challenge each other to approach tasks and problems from a different perspective – we are constantly learning from each other and building on our own skill sets.

Why was using recycled plastic bottles to create your signature Compresslite fabric so important to you?

We invest considerable resources into the development of our fabrics and custom engineer each of the fabrics used across our performance range. As a technical activewear brand, this allows us complete control over the fabrics used across our collections and allows us to constantly evolve those fabrics.

With our signature COMPRESSLITE fabric, we listened to customer feedback in terms of the performance, fit and feel of the fabric to develop the best blend of raw materials for the fabric. As a business we are also focused on sustainable practice and reducing our footprint on the world, hence the focus on using recycled fibres in developing this fabric. The recycled PET used in our COMPRESSLITE fabric comes from post-consumer plastic bottles which are melted down into chips before being spun into fibre – importantly, we only work with certified recycling plants to make sure that the PET used in our fabric is truly post-consumer (rather than new bottles made purely for the purposes of ‘recycling’ which is actually a much easier process).  

You describe your prints as ‘feminine and edgy’ – where do you get your design inspiration from?

We are constantly inspired by the world around us, the beautiful country in which we live as well as all of the incredible sights that we get to see on our travels. We also take inspiration from the world of art, fashion and interiors. Importantly, we manage all of our designs in-house to ensure that a consistent aesthetic carries through each collection.

How do you ensure Nimble stays ahead of an increasingly crowded activewear market?

For us, it’s all about authenticity and staying true to our brand and vision. Although it’s important to stay up with trends and technology, the focus is definitely internal rather than being too distracted by what others in the market are doing. Our customers are very savvy and I think that the authenticity of the brand definitely resonates with them.

Customer feedback is also an integral part of our brand and it is so incredibly important to listen to our community and understand what it is that they are looking for so that we can continually improve our products and service.




Vera: The typical Nimble Activewear girl is always on the move - she’s early to rise and late to bed, taking on everything the day brings. She is not only ‘nimble’ physically but also in terms of how she thinks. She is agile in mind and body.

Katia: She’s also all about balance – she works hard and is health conscious but doesn’t take herself too seriously. 


Vera: Nothing better than an early morning coastal run along the Bondi to Bronte track.

Katia: A strong vinyasa flow class.


Vera: Fit1 in Rose Bay – I love going to a class with David – he is easily one of the best trainers I have ever come across!

Katia: ’This is Yoga’ studio in Clovelly – a beautiful intimate space with the most incredible teachers.


 Both: A glass of wine on the deck with our friends. Because it is all about the balance. 


Vera: MOTO MESH Leggings in Khaki – khaki really is the colour of the season and I also love the mesh + rib detailing on this tight which make it super versatile for transitioning from the studio to the street!

Katia: LAUREN 7/8 Tights in Leopard Print - this print is the perfect balance of our feminine yet edgy aesthetic. The Lauren is one of our core styles and features our signature COMPRESSLITE fabric – one wear and you’ll never want to wear anything else.